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The American Skincare & Cellulite Expert Association is the worldwide society representing hundreds of professionals whom are specialists in the field of skincare and cellulite treatment. Members of the Association focus on restoring health and beauty to people's appearance using non-invasive scientifically proven techniques.

One of the primary missions of the Association is to continually improve the treatment and understanding of skin and cellulite, as well as raise public and professional awareness of the wide range of products and equipment available.

The ASCEA Website is a comprehensive guide for members of the public with the reliable and updated information regarding skincare and cellulite treatments. Numerous treatments, including Endermologie®, are scientifically reviewed and listed for reference.

In addition, the American Skincare & Cellulite Expert Association publishes bi-annually a popular newsletter geared toward its members and skincare specialists. Your feedback is important to us. We would welcome any relevant articles to include in our newsletter.

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